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Meet the Team

Bindu de la Parra

She has devoted her life to the Yoga Path for more than 25 years. She is known for her clear and deep and methodical teaching style, being also creative, and with light heart.She  has the ability to transmit with openness, and artistic expresion. Bindu has experienced  Yoga ,learning from her  teachers  from lineages, mainly Sidha Yoga, Dzogchen, Budhist Zen and Non dual Shaiva Tantra. 

Founder and director of  Atmaram Yoga Mandir in Cuernavaca ,Mexico . Bindu leads teacher trainings, workshops, retreats and pilgrimages to India.


Adolfo Sauri

Certified Anusara 500 RYT.
Yoga Teacher with Biomechanics, Alignment oriented,Meditation and Tantric Philosophy.
Graduated from World Yoga Center in NYC.
I was born in Mexico City, from a very young age, arts and sensibility were a comfortable way to express myself, Soon I saw in Yoga practices and in the Anusara Yoga's methodology a unique way to empower one's self expression and guide others in deepening their connection with their authentic Self.
I started teaching Yoga in 2011.I founded my own studio in 2014. In 2016 I moved to USA where I continued to study Anusara Yoga, refining my personal practice and teachings.
I'll be so blessed to share with you my experiences in this path, keep learning together celebrating life...


Elías López García

He combines his love for nature with his love for Yoga. He infuses classes with careful attention to alignment and he view Yoga as a journey to live well and love fully. He believes in the power of Yoga to deeply transform our lives and am inspired by the poetry of the body and the organic forms of nature. He is honored to be part of the new Anusara School of Hatha Yoga, which infuses him with a passion for aligning the body and the Divine through breath and heart opening. He is trained as a teacher of  Mindful Meditation. Elías loves sharing this beautiful journey called Yoga with his students and create a fun, safe and sacred place where everyone can feel empowered to achieve their full potential and open to Grace.

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