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I combine my love for nature with my love for Yoga. I infuse classes with careful attention to alignment and I view Yoga as a journey to live well and love fully. I believe in the power of Yoga to deeply transform our lives and am inspired by the
poetry of the body and the organic forms of nature. I am honored to be part of the new Anusara School of Hatha Yoga, which infuses me with a passion for aligning
the body and the Divine through breath and heart opening. I love sharing this beautiful journey called Yoga with my students and create a fun, safe and sacred place where everyone can feel empowered to achieve their full potential and open to Grace.


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Supporting workers from Oceanomar in Oaxaca, México

Hurracaine Agatha hit the coast of Oaxaca Mexico with heavy rains and winds with a speed of nearly 105 miles per hour — strong enough to uproot trees, cause major power losses, and rip roofs off well-built homes.

Our friends that work at Oceanomar, where we have had several yoga retreats, lost not only their jobs but also some of them lost their homes.

This is an effort to support them until they can come back to work

Parivritta Jānu Śīrsāsana

Parivritta Jānu Śīrsāsana


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